segunda-feira, 5 de setembro de 2011


 musica de rap pra vc que é do estados unidos , ve só como é as nossas letras de rap verdadeiro aqui do brasil
I did not want the kid with the knife,
Kneeling wanting her uncle gray card.
I just wanted to rhyme tears of joy,
But the slum has no pool locker with food.
It's just screaming lies skunk pro mano shotgun,
What payment on the tape shot the owner.
Bitch do not agree with the Holocaust Brazilian
He lives in the condo clean her ass with money.
Whether the thief's blood drinking his whiskey,
Protected under the illusion in the grid of the suite.
His peace is in mourning decreed by the traffic,
Trade closed type holiday.
Yeah stray bullet in the rifle his porch door,
Blowing up your world pink putting you in a wheelchair.
In the recording of the internal circuitry of Bradesco
Thief steals bank wanting burial trading for not being arrested.
In heaven God is not only the police helicopter,
Dumping the moth escaped from the police station.
Here the owl is just bang-bang,
At the end of the rainbow the owner of the jet vomits blood.
Take guard vest and armor to go to the restaurant,
Otherwise, it is weeping widow and omega zero to dismantle.
I will not rhyme in my happy rap,
If here motherfucker the funeral march continues.

[Chorus 4x]:
Peace disfigured're dead in the IML,
The death march continues.

My story is not going to bloody enjoy playboy.
I'm man enough to say that the boy's kite,
Forgotten one day shoot-out with police.
Not simulate sense to sell CD,
I will not talk peace seeing the victim dies.
Viewing brother serving in SD,
Killing Tues safe for transfer.
Seeing the child in the north caquito eating,
Gamba more spawning a body in the woods.
Do not delude myself driving the couple happy pampa,
Outside the shield is a dream to safety.
When the automatic gate gum up,
Prepare the password to open the safe pro thief.
May God let him find his emerald Madame,
Otherwise he pulls knife in his heart.
The police will arrive just to make expertise,
When someone bother with the smell of carrion.
With lemon on the counter takes to forget unemployment
And beat their wives when they get drunk at night.
Deis of 4 in the morning or private place to wash,
My brother lost his cool and kills the family is killed.
Closed casket does not stimulate lively verse,
Here motherfucker the funeral march continues.

[Chorus 4x]:
Peace disfigured're dead in the IML,
The death march continues.

I wish life was like in the novel,
Jet skiing on the beach snow skiing in Europe.
Without a father screaming assault or being made a slave,
With 1.5.1. a month's salary.
That does not fill even half of a cart on the market,
It does not pay the rent electricity and water to the hut.
Here pro abiding citizens have a roof,
Only by the stove in the head invading the building.
Am leaving in hand with the shock,
Surviving the shooting of repossession.
Question uncle pro invaded the land in the dark
What is a tractor turning his gum into rubble.
Arrombado criticizes me shows me that the people smiling
Car homeownership barbecue on Sunday.
Is it a mirage beggar who eat bone
Gamba pig by your color distorts his face.
3.8.0 The boy with stealing the car,
And on the trail leaving the bourgeois crippled without half the neck.
Who sees only violence on the TV screen,
It will only be able to understand and listen to faction.
When you are strapped inside the trunk,
Praying pro thief does not put the bullet.
When the pain goes bump to see the real rap
Then the bastard will feel that the death march continues.

[Chorus 8X]:
Peace disfigured're dead in the IML,
The death march continues. 

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